Extend and Connect your customer base through the powerful WhatsApp channel. Elevate customer satisfaction and engagement rates by leveraging WhatsApp API's, catering to their needs in this fast-paced environment. Seamlessly connect with customers to enhance interaction and satisfaction levels. 

Connect to Your Customers

- Extend WhatsApp channel to your customer base, ensuring quick and effective communication. 
- Integrate with CS Infocomm Bot Solution for automated self-service options. 

Key Features

Empowering Service Representatives

Fluid and user-friendly interface empowering service representatives. 

Initiate templated conversations to cater to diverse customer needs. 

Unlimited Customer Conversations

Seamless handling of unlimited customer-initiated conversations. 

Send bulk messages for effective marketing campaigns. 

Consent Management & Privacy Protection

Record customer opt-ins for future communications while respecting their privacy. 

Real-time monitoring ensuring compliance and privacy adherence. 

Real-time Interaction Monitoring

Monitor interactions in real-time for proactive engagement and issue resolution.

Handover chat to backend agents when bots require further assistance. 

Open API Integration

Seamless integration with external systems through open APIs for WhatsApp templated messages. 

Supports various message types - Text, Image, Sticker, Video, Audio, Contact, Location, Documents, Button messages. 

Transform your customer service dynamics.

Empower engagement and streamline interactions with WhatsApp Solution - Extend & Connect.