In today’s dynamic business landscape, the efficacy of customer interactions stands as a pivotal factor in defining success. CS Infocomm Universal Logger emerges as a transformative Recording Manager and Quality Management tool, offering a comprehensive suite of functionalities designed to elevate customer interaction management, ensure compliance adherence and drive operational excellence.

Prominent Features

Regulatory Compliance Recording

Securely record voice and screen interactions to comply with industry regulations. 

Centralized solutions for streamlined regulatory adherence across multiple sites. 

Live Call Monitoring

Real-time oversight for improved agent performance and process efficiency. 

Agent state tracking and application health monitoring for seamless operations. 

Customized Reporting Insights

Multi-tiered insights at agent, process, site, and evaluation levels for holistic analytics. 

Customizable reporting tools providing comprehensive data visualization. 

Robust Security Protocols

Role-based access control ensuring data privacy and secure retrieval. 

Encrypted file storage mechanisms for safeguarding sensitive customer data. 

Scoring & Evaluation Tools

Customizable evaluation forms for in-depth analysis and identification of trends. 

Detailed evaluation summaries to pinpoint areas for process enhancement. 

Flexible Archival Options

Retrieval support across diverse storage environments, including cloud-based platforms. 

Scalable archival mechanisms ensuring data accessibility and integrity. 

Tailored Configurations

Industry-specific configurations meeting diverse sectoral requirements and standards.

Adaptive settings for seamless integration into varied business environments.

Unlock the potential of customer interactions with CSI Universal Call Logger.

Elevate compliance, gain real-time insights, and craft exceptional experiences.