Unleash the Power of Security and Simplicity

In the digital era, safeguarding customer identification and ensuring a secure Customer Interaction Management (CIM) system are not just important, they’re essential. CS Infocomm Authenticator, a meticulously designed TPIN (Telephonic Personal Identification Number) and OTP (One Time Password) Management System that provides a secure, yet user-friendly solution. 

Our system is engineered to provide a diverse range of applications, making it a versatile solution that can be implemented across multiple channels including IVR, mobile applications, and more.

PIN and OTP Generation

Our system verifies whether the given customer ID already exists in the database before generating a new PIN or OTP. This eliminates any security vulnerability due to duplicate entries. The PIN or OTP is generated against a unique customer identifier, adding a layer of personalized security. 

Change PIN and OTP

Empower your customers with the ability to change their PIN or OTP on the fly through IVR and other applications. Our system validates the existing PIN or OTP, ensuring a seamless and secure process.

PIN and OTP Validation

The TPIN and OTP Management System employs AES 256 Bit encryption to validate the PIN or OTP against the customer ID values from the source system. This provides a strong security layer while offering the flexibility to change encryption levels as per customer requirements.

PIN and OTP Expiry

Our system has a configurable PIN and OTP expiry feature. This requirement for regular PIN updates and the short-lived nature of OTPs significantly enhances overall system security. 

PIN and OTP History Check

A crucial security feature is the ability to check the previous PINs or OTPs before allowing a change. This prevents the reusage of old PINs or OTPs, adding an extra level of security. 

Advanced and Flexible Encryption Methodologies

Our system supports a wide range of encryption methodologies, recognizing the diversity of security requirements across various industries and sectors. 

Ready to Secure Your Customer Interactions?

Are you ready to provide your customers with a secure and seamless experience? 

Seize the opportunity to enhance your customer interaction management system with the CS Infocomm Authenticator.