In the dynamic landscape of Communications and Information Management (CIM), CSI Infocomm presents a game-changing solution: the CSI Cloud Recording Archival. Revolutionize your recording archival process, ensuring compliance, security, and lightning-fast access to critical data.

Key Features & Benefits

Automated Cloud Migration

Say goodbye to manual data transfers! Our CSI Cloud Archiver automates the movement of recordings from your active storage systems to a secure cloud repository. This streamlines the process, making your data readily accessible and compliant with industry regulations. 

Playback Convenience

Instantly access recordings from both active storage and the cloud with just a few clicks. Supervisors gain the power to retrieve essential information swiftly, ensuring prompt decision-making and analysis.

Robust Application Interface

Our application boasts a user-friendly interface fortified with top-notch security measures. Seamlessly integrate with Active Directory for easy, secure logins. The addition of Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of protection, keeping your data shielded from unauthorized access. Plus, Role-Based Access Control empowers administrators to manage user permissions effortlessly. 

Efficient Recording Manager Tool

Enjoy a simplified, controlled search experience. The tool allows for restricted searches, ensuring that users only access recordings within their authorized scope. Easily filter and retrieve recordings based on various parameters such as date range, Recording ID, or Service Name. Our benchmark testing guarantees lightning-fast retrieval speeds, ensuring your team's productivity remains uninterrupted. 

Quick Playback & Download

Experience rapid playback directly from SAN Storage/AWS for immediate insights into crucial conversations. Do you need to keep recordings handy? Swiftly download Recording Media files to local drives for comprehensive data management and analysis. 

Ready to Simplify Recording Management?

CSI Cloud Recording Archival - Your Solution Awaits!

CSI Cloud Recording Archival embodies the pinnacle of efficiency, security, and compliance in CIM. Experience the power of streamlined processes, fortified security measures, and unparalleled efficiency. Unlock the potential of your data with CSI Infocomm.