Unleash the Power of Efficient Case Management

Introducing the CS Infocomm Universal Case Management System (CUCMS), a robust and comprehensive solution designed to track, manage, and resolve cases/tickets across various domains. Whether you are a bank needing to track service requests within defined SLAs, an insurance company dealing with claims requests, an IT service desk managing tickets, or any other sector that requires efficient case management, our solution is built to handle all your needs seamlessly. 

Our CUCMS is more than just a case management system—it’s a complete solution designed to streamline your operations, enhance your team’s productivity, and ultimately improve your customer experience. 

Key Benefits

Administration Module:

This UI facilitates users to perform various core functions such as managing user creation, modification, and deletion, assigning user roles and modules to the user, managing creation and closure mandatory fields and checklists, and much more. 

Agent Module:

This module allows the Agent to perform functions like viewing Customer Data Popped up through Integrated CLI/Email App (Genesys IWS)/IVR, raising an NSR, raising an SR with dynamic fields and attachment of documents, SR creation through Web API call, and more. 

Back-Office User Module:

This module empowers back-office users with features like My Tray View, filters by status, creation date, due date, etc. for on-time closure and follow-up, review Customer Tagging Info, review checklist and mandatory fields, update comments on the case, and more. 

Case Assignment Features:

This module boasts of robust case assignment features like centralized and decentralized assignment, email and SMS notifications on Service Request/Case Creation and Closure, priority assignment based on Premium customers/Prestige customers, validation of requests and complaints, and more. 

Back-Office Bulk Features:

The system supports various bulk operations like bulk SR creation, bulk update of notes on the cases/Service Requests, bulk reassignment of cases to the back-office users, and bulk updates.

By converging an array of features into one easy-to-use platform, CUCMS equips your team to deliver efficient, effective, and personalized service at every touchpoint. 

Ready to Experience the Power of Seamless Case Management?

Are you ready to streamline your operations and enhance your customer experience?

Experience the power of seamless case management with CS Infocomm.