Unleash the Power of Knowledge

Introducing the CS Infocomm Knowledge Management System (CKM), a comprehensive and dynamic tool designed to streamline information and empower both your team and your customers. Our system is built with an omni-channel knowledge base, delivering consistent responses across all touchpoints, whether they are self-service or human-assisted channels.

Our CKM is more than just a knowledge management system—it’s a complete solution designed to empower your team, enrich your customer interactions, and elevate your service delivery standards.

Key Features & Benefits

Omni-Channel Knowledgebase

Our system provides valuable resources including product documents, FAQs, troubleshooting tips, pricing information, and policies, ensuring your customers have easy access to the information they need. 

Enhanced Contact Center Capabilities

Our KMS leverages web and search history to add context to customer interactions, allowing your team to provide personalized and effective service.

Channel Integration & Escalation

Our system embeds knowledge into various channels for deflection. If self-service answers are found to be unsatisfactory, the system seamlessly escalates the issue to agent-assisted service. 

Customer Search History Access

Our KMS makes customer search history readily available to agents, further enriching the context of customer interactions and aiding in providing accurate responses. 

Native Desktop Integration

Our KMS allows agents to search and respond using knowledge articles, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

KMS Web Search Feature

Our web search feature is a sophisticated tool that gathers FAQ data from a variety of sources, allowing customers to search using natural language and sort content as per their preference. 

By converging an array of features into one easy-to-use platform, our KMS equips your team to deliver efficient, effective, and personalized service at every touchpoint.

Are you ready to empower your team and enrich your customer interactions?

Experience the power of seamless knowledge management with CS Infocomm.