Our unwavering dedication to our customers stems from a synergistic team forged through relentless dedication. For over three decades, our exceptional team has championed innovation on a global scale. Proficient in crafting unparalleled and tailored solutions, our teams excel in delivering unprecedented value, precisely tailored to meet our client's needs in the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience.

Mr. Anil Joglekar

Managing Director

Mr. Rajesh Yadav

Global Technology Head


Mr. Anil Joglekar - Managing Director

Anil Joglekar is an extremely respected technology leader who has successfully grown businesses on the back of high degree of customer centricity. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Anil derives biggest satisfaction in creating successful & enduring relationships with India's leading corporates and BPOs. He has creatively marshalled technology solutions to go beyond the standard platter that vendors offer in the market. His contributions to the technology world have been numerous, the hallmark being his patented concept of "Enterprise Collaboration Hub", a framework that is now being adopted across the board. To his credit, Anil played the pioneer's role in the introduction of Interaction Voice Response (IVR) in India. Anil's acquired wisdom, honed over years of experience, best reflects in conceptualizing solutions that bring technology domain knowledge, cross-industry best practices and articulation of future direction for customer engagement. As an acknowledged thought leader in the industry, Anil has been invited to speak in customer centric technology conferences and events. In his three decades of building and managing firms, Anil has mentored many leaders and he bears an enviable reputation of being the most liked employer. Anil's arch of vision and his purposive guidance has taken CS Infocomm to new height and the firm continue to achieve significant new milestones.


Mr. Rajesh Yadav - Global Technology Head

Rajesh Yadav is an archetypal technology wizard. From his perch as the Global Head of Technology, Rajesh keeps a bird's eye view on the emerging trends in voice & data technologies and simultaneously, has an insight into both the intrinsic as well as extrinsic aspects of intractable problems that customers pose to CS Infocomm. His experience on both the infrastructure side of technology as well application solutions allows him to have a 360o view of the technology landscape, devising innovative solution that leverage his gargantuan knowledge. Rajesh manages a large service delivery and R & D team and has created a new crop of exceptional technology talent in-house. Owing to deep learning on Contact Center technology platforms, Rajesh has earned respects for his stellar insights from industry leading OEM's. Rajesh personally has built empathetic connections with more than 200 customers that currently work with CS Infocomm. Rajesh embodies the focus on "Customer Delight" at CS Infocomm and his leadership has invigorated his team to tread on the same path with greater vigor.


Mr. Kailash Kadam - Vice President Sales

Kailash's consultative sales approach has kept CS Infocomm in a good stead. Kailash posses the ability to get into intimate grasp of customers business needs and create an equation that leads to a win-win situation. Kailash joined CS Infocomm in its fledgling stage and has opened up many doors for CS Infocomm and led multimillion-dollar deals. In his 15 years of experience in Contact Center industry, the industry has changed dramatically. So to adapt to the changing industry and simultaneously, motivate customers to change, evolve and innovate has been Kailash's secret sauce that has created legions of satisfied customers.