At CSInfocomm, our suite of connectors is engineered to elevate your business interactions, offering a unified platform for seamless integration between Customer Interaction Management (CIM) systems and core business applications. Embrace a new era of operational cohesion and efficiency as we bridge the gaps across diverse platforms. 


Universal Finacle Connector

Seamlessly integrates CIM platforms with Finacle CBS, ensuring unified data flow and enhanced operational efficiency. 

Universal Salesforce Connector

Unifies customer data across systems, improving efficiency, and providing a comprehensive view for proactive customer engagement. 

Universal Microsoft Dynamics Connector

Streamlines operations and elevates customer experiences by integrating data across departments and systems.

Universal Oracle Connector

Enhances efficiency and data quality by automating workflows and ensuring real-time data synchronization. 

CSI Social Media Connectors

Centralizes social media interactions, boosting efficiency, and providing a cost-effective, unified solution. 

Universal BaNCS Connector

Streamlines data transfer, improves accuracy, and offers a scalable and cost-effective solution for banking operations. 

CSI Whatsapp Connector

Provides a centralized platform for managing customer interactions across various platforms, ensuring scalability and automation for efficient responses.

Ready to embrace unified business operations?

Unlock Your Unified Business System using CS Infocomm's Connectors

Key Features

Seamlessness Across Systems

Our connectors effortlessly link CIM platforms with core banking solutions, CRM systems, social media, and more, ensuring unified data flow and operational harmony. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Automation streamlines processes, reducing manual efforts, and empowering quicker responses, enhancing both productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Data Consistency

Experience consistent and accurate data across channels, enabling a seamless and integrated customer journey while eliminating errors. 


Minimize costs associated with custom development or third-party integrations, optimizing resource allocation and reducing deployment timelines.

Security & Compliance

Robust security protocols ensure data confidentiality, reducing risks of unauthorized access or breaches across interconnected systems. 

Quick Deployment

Our connectors boast the fastest integration timelines, ensuring swift deployment without compromising on efficiency or quality. 

Our connectors empower businesses to:

  • Elevate operational efficiency
  • Foster unified and consistent customer experiences
  • Reduce costs and streamline integration
  • Enhance data accuracy and security