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CS Infocomm is the leader in customer interactions management solutions. CS Infocomm's origin reside in developing innovative solutions for our customers who are experiencing many competitive challenges in growing their customer franchise.

Key highlights of CS Infocomm include:

  • As a practice, CS Infocomm's consulting and technical team is one of the largest in India. We have deployed customer facing solution all over the country, serving the needs of our customers nationwide.
  • Right from its inception, CS Infocomm has employed technical know-how to put together disparate pieces of technology that find new ways to solve our customer problems.
  • Through our own research & development initiatives, CS Infocomm has have built connectors and utilities that tune the vendor solution to render better performance for our customers.
  • Our domain experts and service technicians have acquired experience by working on deeply challenging and cutting edge customer solutions. Our technicians have achieved the highest levels of training and certification on best of breed products.

In conclusion, CS Infocomm is a large, growing, financially stable, full-service technology solutions provider with unparalleled dedication to its customers and a long history of success.

You can trust CS Infocomm to deliver the highest levels of business solution, consulting, design, implementation, training, service and support, both now and into the future.

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