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Your business has working hours. Customers don't. And they don't appreciate to be put under this artificial barrier to connect with you only in your working hours. With the coming of age of mobility, customers wish to remain connected to your services 24X7.

The growing population of smart phones provides a new avenue to augment customer service. While customer service is the first step, the possibility of enhanced share of customer time through interactive mobile app is too good a prospect
to ignore.

Mobile apps for health care customers can disseminate information about your portfolio of services. Additional features can include the ability for customers to seek appointments, reschedule appointments and follow-up prompts. Health care providers can also share report status and the full reports in electronic format.

Custom developed mobile app can offer your customers a greater flexibility to connect and interact with your support community, be it your in-house customer agents or your customer community's published "leaderboards". If you wish to graduate your customers to conduct transactions, that vista is open, too.

CS Infocomm combines deep domain knowledge of customer services practice along with smart phone platforms such as Andriod, iOS and Windows and gives you a new opportunity to elevate your customer service to the
next level.

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