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Timely resolution of patient issues is of utmost importance for extending good service experience for hospitals.

CS Infocomm's customer service solution helps in proactively addressing patient's complaints. Our solution maintains complete communication history of the patients. Should the complaints be not closed within defined timelines, the solution has a provision for auto escalation of the complaints to the appropriate internal authorities.

Furthermore, given that many customer service issue relate to insurance, CS Infocomm's customer service solution provides for feature to connect with insurance companies. System call backs for follow up actions can be automated for effective structured communication.

With the agent as center of universe, CS Infocomm's solution assists the agent in addressing every exigency that may come in one's way. This includes:

  • 360o view of the customer lead to
  • Access to call history
  • Knowledge of past requests
  • Unified Desktop enable access to data with industry standard connectors
  • And many additional services

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