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In the trading hours, customers wish to take a trading call. In this scenario, quick advice and speed is of essence.

CS Infocomm's Dial and Trade solution comprises of intelligent routing system that route the customer calls to the right advisor. This translates into higher productivity for advisors in the trading hours.

Furthermore, end-to-end interaction and information management is part and parcel of the solution leading to unified customer experience.

To contain any wayward financial risk, security paradigm is at the very heart of CS Infocomm's Dial & Trade solution. Our security framework eliminates agent intervention in authentication process and thus contains the risk of misuse of customer information and simultaneously addresses the risk of customer impersonation. Instead when the customer lands on the Dial & Trade system, systems authenticates the customer without leaving any instance of the interaction on the system. The customer is then directed to the agent with the system populating relevant information to the agent console to enable transaction.

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